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Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me
Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me

  Meet The Team

 Our Team here at 180 Fitness are super friendly, highly professional and experienced coaches. We will endeavour to help you reach your fitness goals. 

All of our Personal Trainers are experts and highly respected in their specific fields within the area and industry. Our team specialises in all areas of fitness so no matter what your goals may be we have got you covered! 

Take a look below to meet the team

Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me

Jake Walters

Owner of 180 & Lean Physique Fitness

    I am now the proud new owner of 180 Fitness and I’m so excited for the future here, with multiple projects in the pipeline there really is so much to look forward to, I truly believe we will drive this club to new heights.


My time in the fitness industry has been amazing so far, I have learnt so much in my 8 years in the industry, I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of people at all different fitness levels and abilities reach their desired goals, this has given me invaluable experience.

(Check out my client success stories on my Lean Physique Fitness page)


I personally enjoy training for muscular hypertrophy to build a strong and athletic physique and try to keep lean all year round, in this game I think it’s crucial to practise what you preach and be a role model for others


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the club soon

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Jake Walters 07508956151

Connor Day

Founder of Apex Performance Training

Apex Performance Training is bringing a new vision of training upon the gym floors. Which will allow clients to be able to enjoy exercise without thinking it is a chore. By changing your approach to fitness this will allow you to focus on your lifestyle changing for the better.

Having been involved within the fitness industry for over 5 years, this has allowed me to grow as a personal trainer for 3 years, after previously starting as a

fitness instructor since the age of 16.

With over 10 years of experience as a national level athlete, I have the ability and tools to push your performance to the next level. Whether that be fat loss, muscle building, overall health and wellbeing, bettering your confidence or sporting performance.


Please click on the links if you have any questions or to visit my business pages on Facebook and Instagram.

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Phone number – 07904661161

Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me
Gym, retford gym, better gym membership, fitness center, fitness center near me


Having worked in the fitness industry my whole career I found it very rewarding helping people live happier and healthier lives. I have always been involved in sport and fitness throughout my entire life, starting as a coach, progressing into fitness instructing and now as a personal trainer. To further my knowledge, I became a qualified Personal Trainer at the age of 17 and achieved a First-Class Honours Degree in Sport Science at the University of Hull. My personal philosophy on fitness is to work hard, supported by working smart. With this philosophy it is only a matter of time before you reach your goals and aspirations.

My approach to fitness takes a holistic approach which is centred solely around my clients’ specific targets and needs. This embraces all aspects of fitness and exercise to best suit and challenge my clients. For me, specificity is key to not only make sure my clients get out of their training what they want but also enjoy the training they are doing. Many people do perceive to have barriers to fitness and exercise, but I like to break those barriers down and work with people to achieve and develop a healthy relationship with their fitness and goals. 

To support me and what I do please follow my page, Wrights Personal Training, on Facebook and Instagram where you can get in contact with me.

Contact me on 07582661032 or

Anne-Marie Kent

Fitness began as a hobby and became a real passion of mine, ultimately leading me to changing my job and becoming a PT. 


I was an avid goer and the benefits of working out on a regular basis, including PT sessions, helped me in numerous ways. I felt fitter, stronger plus for me it was a great stress release. So, 6 years ago I followed my heart, I gave up my corporate job working in London and qualified to become a P.T. 


Supporting clients on their fitness journey is so rewarding to me, seeing people progress not only physically but in their mindset also. 


I like to focus on core strengthening with clients and improving range of movement and flexibility. 


I continued my journey following my other passion and qualified as a RYT200 Yoga Teacher in 2018. I enjoy combining elements of my Yoga training with PT. 


I truly believe that when you set & achieve your own fitness goals it gives you great strength, energy, and happiness in many other aspects of your life. I will give you the support and motivation to achieve your personal fitness and lifestyle goals with a focus on increasing healthy behaviours. 


Please click on the links below if you have any questions or would like to contact me

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Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me
Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me


Owning Fitness

Hi, I’m Mark, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach.
I can help with all aspects of your training as well as the food and diet guidance you need to support your goals.

I really enjoy helping people on their fitness journeys, seeing the physical changes as well as the mental changes that clients go through when training becomes part of their lives

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Phone: 07989 852293

Francesca Brioschi

Frankie Fit

Frankie Fit is something I have worked hard on. Being in the sports industry from a very young age it's became apparent to me that health and fitness is my passion. 
I previously from the ages 3-17 trained as a professional dancer, this was tough but rewarding and helped me gain mental and physical strength as an athlete. 

My career in professional dance was cut short as I had to have unexpected surgery however I used this constructively to motivate myself to build a career into motivating others into health and fitness. 

From me finding my path again after rehabilitation and careful care to myself I decided to go back into education to study a Level 3 BTEC extended diploma in Sport Fitness and Personal Training to help me retrieve the knowledge I have today. Over the two years studying this course I gained experience and confidence to pass on to future clients who I believe will bounce of my enthusiastic nature and drive. 
After completing the two years I followed a bigger dream into studying a BGU Degree in Sports Therapy where I continuously further my knowledge to professionally help other individuals to rehabilitate after injury or remobilise limbs, not only this but I gain higher qualifications in Sports Massage and in depth knowledge on the human body. It is my dream and my goal to educate my clients as I put the theory and knowledge I have into practice. 

Frankie fit encourages growth of feeling your best through guidance with health and fitness into clients lifestyles. Creating a positive mind to muscle connection. 

I know with my passion towards Frankie Fit I can give my clients their personal health & fitness needs and desires

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Phone: 07949 466961

Gym retford gym better gym membership fitness center fitness center near me
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